Fishing and Boating

If you like to fish, you have found the right spot. Even the novice fish man can bring home a fanciful treat for the evening meal. Whether you hire a charter boat or fish right off the bridge, St. George Island and Apalachicola Bay offer some of the best fishing in Florida.
Near our house, we have found the west end of the island best for fishing. This is a walking distance from The Palms. There are many rocks to fish off of.

In 1998, 1999 and again in 2000, Sports AField Magazine named this area one of the 50 best places for fishing in the US! In addition, Apalachicola is ranked #4 on the overall ranking of the top 10 Fishing Towns in the United States.

Common species caught include: redfish, cobia, pompano, sheepshead, flounder, peckled Trout, whiting, Spanish mackerel, black drum, bluefish, stripped bass, large mouth bass, jack crevalle, tarpon, grouper, snapper, king mackerel, triple tail and amber jack.

Here Some of the Charters

Journeys of St. George Island

(850) 927-3259

Reel’em In Charter
(850) 927-4050

RockFish Charters

(850) 927-3839

Tropical Charters & Boat Rentals
(850) 927-2300

Fishing Tackle, Marine Supplies & Marinas
Survivors Bait & Tackle

(850) 927-3113
Florida requires a fishing license for any fishing (crabs included), and sells a separate one for salt water and fresh water. Florida also seems to have an ever-changing law on limits so get a copy of the latest regulations. Fishing Licenses are sold in the Country Tax Collector’s Office and in many bait and tackle shops. Licenses can also be obtained over the phone by dialing
1-888-347-4356 or 1-888-486-8356. Within minutes you’ll have a temporary license number enabling you to hunt or fish right away. Your permanent license will be mailed within 48 hours.

Florida Residents
Saltwater one-year $13.50
Freshwater one-year $13.50
Non-Resident 3-day $6.50
Non-Resident 7-day $16.50
Non-Resident 1-year $31.50

Public Access Boat Ramps

Name Location Approach Depth Ft.

MLW Reported







Old Ferry Dock Hwy. 98 to N. Bayshore Drive, left on Old Ferry Dock Road 5′-6′ S P No
Eastpoint Country Ramp East end of Patton Drive, off Hwy. 98 4′-5′ S N No
St. George Island East side of Island Drive (main bridge road) as entering St. George Island 1′-2′ S N No
St. George Island West side of Island (main bridge road) as entering St. George Island 1′-2′ S N No
St. George Island State Park In the Youth Camp area of St. Georgia Island State Park 1′-2′ S N No
St. George Island State Park North side of Park Road, east of Youth Camp Entrance 1′-2′ S N No